About Wishesatavya

Hello! I’m Anuradha , an INDIAN homemaker , lives in MUMBAI…..a mother of 2 children, who wants to fulfill my dream. Basically, I’m an Artist, used to be a freelance designer, a few years ago. I’m a lively person. All the colours on this Earth inspires me, I wish to see this world happy.

In this website, you can find wishes about different categories. (Right now you may find a few of them} but trying to expand the list as much as possible. There is a spectacular collection of quotes with pictures, tried to match perfectly to famous quotations on a wide variety of backgrounds. I capture quotes by reading articles, interviews of famous personalities, online books, editorials publication & Magazines across the globe and sometimes even my thoughts.

Wishesatavya.com has something for everyone. This is 100% free service, supported by Ad revenue…generated from Ads appearing on this site, and all are family-friendly Ads.
Audience satisfaction is my main motto. I appreciate your comments.I request if any error has slipped through the cracks pls let me know at wishesatavya@gmail.com OR In COMMENT SECTION.

Please feel free to contact me if you want any particular category to be added to my list. I will definitely try to fulfill your wish.